The Seychelles Energy Board

The Seychelles Energy Board is the Board of the Commission established under the Energy Act 2012 and is made up of 6 members appointed by the President and the CEO of the Commission as ex-Officio. In making the appointments, the President takes into consideration the knowledge, expertise and experience of the persons so appointed and in particular, their knowledge in matters relevant to the functions of the Seychelles Energy Commission

The members of the Board serve a three-year term and must include a representative of the Ministry responsible for Energy, a representative of the Ministry responsible for Finance and the remaining 4 members should be knowledgeable in matters of energy and having suitable experiences.

Current Members of the Board (2016)

Chairperson - Mr Yves Choppy

Graduated from the University of Manchester in 1996, with a BEng Degree in Civil Engineering. Held the post of Engineer with the Ministry of Education between 1996 to 1999. Was promoted to Director Project Implementation Section of the Ministry of Education and held the position from 2000 to 2007. From July 2007 to December 2008, held the position of Director General Planning Authority Secretariat. From 2009 to July 2013, held the post of Director General Project Implementation at the Ministry of Land Use & Housing before being promoted to the position of Principal Secretary  Project Planning & Implementation Department of the same Ministry.

Vise Chairperson - Mr Wills Agricole


CEO (ex -officio) - Mr Tony Imaduwa

Tony Imaduwa started working at the Seychelles Energy Commission in 2010 as an officer for renewable energy and energy management; moving away from the Orthopaedic field after devoting 7 years with the Ministry of Health as a Prothetiest-Orthotist. He gradually moved up the career ladder to become the CEO of the Seychelles Energy Commission in 2014. He studied Biomedical and Material Science Engineering at Queen Mary College, University of London and while at the Commission, attended various trainings example those on renewable energy, PV planning, Energy Utility Benchmarking and Regulatory Good Governance. He is currently doing a MBA Renewables with Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin in cooperation with the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) and expected to finish in 2017. Tony is also the Chairman of the Seychelles Liverpool FC Fan Club; the official Liverpool FC Supporters Club in Seychelles.

Member – Ms. Mariam Kante

Mrs Mariam Kante is Principal Chemist at Seychelles Bureau of Standards.
Mrs Kante holds University Degrees in Chemistry, with specialization in Analytical Chemistry. She has been working for the Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS) for several years. Currently is responsible for the operation of the Chemical Analysis Laboratory at SBS. She has implemented various Applied Science research projects at SBS, and in collaboration with other national, regional and international stakeholders. She has undergone many technical training in the fields of chemistry, standardization, quality control and laboratory accreditation. A member of the SBS Technical Committees (TC 4 and TC9) responsible for the development of Seychelles Standards respectively for the domains of chemicals related products and the environment.

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Member – Ms. Noella Vinda


Member – Ms. Sharon Gerry

Sharon Gerry is the Senior Legal Officer within the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. She has been occupying this post since November 2014 and I have been working for the Ministry responsible for Environment for 3 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Law and Management from the University of Mauritius, a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and a Post Graduate Diploma in Laws from the University of London. In July 2016, she completed my Master in Laws degree with a specialization in Public International Law with the University of London (International Programmes) and will be graduating in 2017.

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Member - Mr Bernard Port-Louis 


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 Secretary – Ms Christine Auguste




























































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