Promotion of Energy Efficiency

Promoting Energy Efficiency:

As part of the continuing effort to promote energy efficient technologies in Seychelles, the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy (MoFTBE) in partnership with all the stakeholders including the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC), Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC), Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Global Environment Fund (GEF), Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS) and all the commercial banks offer various financial incentives as follows:


VAT Exemption:

As an intention of improving and transforming the market of energy related products towards higher level of quality and efficiency, under the VAT Act 2010, Goods imported to be used in the process of Conservation, generation or production of Renewable or environment friendly energy sources as endorsed by the Seychelles Energy Commission are exempted from Value Added Tax.

The procedure to avail this facility is to bring the bill of entry of the imported products to the Seychelles Energy Commission, along with documentation that makes proof of satisfaction of the eligible criteria* proposed by SEC.


The Seychelles Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme (SEEREP) 

The Seychelles Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEREP) is a subsidized loan scheme to promote Energy Efficient appliances and Renewable Technologies in the Residential sector to not only reduce their electrical consumption (and energy bill) but also to reduce their carbon foot print by

• Replacing inefficient or old appliances
• Making informed purchase when buying new efficient appliances
• Buying Renewable Energy products (Solar PV system, Solar Water Heater)

This loan targets the residential sector and most of the commercial banks offer this facility. The maximum amount available under this loan is SCR 150,000 per household, with 5 % rate of interest only. The duration of repayment may vary from 0 to 5 years with no personal contribution up to SCR 75,000. For loan above SCR 75,000 a personal contribution of 2.5 % is required.

A proforma invoice, obtained from the local store is brought to the Seychelles Energy Commission along with a proof of eligibility and this is inspected with criteria* mentioned by SEC. If the product meets the criteria, the SEC stamps the proforma invoice and the consumer may go to their bank for the next step which is, requesting the loan to purchase the energy efficient appliances. If and when approved, the suppliers receive the payment and the consumer can take his appliance from the shop.Refer the *Consumer guide for SEEREP for more details on eligible appliances and their minimum requirements.

THE PROCESS: Your supplier will submit the SEEREP Application Form together with their quotation to SEC for processing. Once approved, you can submit your application to your respective financial institution.

 Download The SEEREP Brochure

The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) loan scheme

The Small and Medium Enterprises Loan scheme (SME) is another loan scheme that aims to encourage business development and entrepreneurship in various sectors. The SEEREP loan also forms part of the SME loan scheme, and all business having a turnover of less than SCR 6 Million are eligible to use this scheme which can be utilized only to buy Energy Efficient Appliances or renewable Technologies only.

For more information: Contact SEC

Please be informed that the SEC will be liaising with the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) for aspects related with market surveillance. One of the things that will be in the scope of this market surveillance is related with verifying/ensuring that the VAT exemption is passed onto the final consumer.

For the development of the EE S&L program, the SEC will create a registry of products that are compliant with the future Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). In order to implement this procedure in the future, you will be requested to provide selected information about the products that meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).