Rules & Regulations


The following is a list of rules & regulations related to the energy sector – please click to download (NOTE: draft documents are listed but not available for download)

PUC Terms and Conditions for PV installations  This document dictates the terms and conditions set out by PUC for PV installations in Seychelles.

SI 7 of 2016 Energy (Licence) Regulations, 2016

SI 45-2014 Energy (Consumer Rights and Obligations) Regulations


PENDING - Procedures on the resolution of complaints and disputes in the electricity sector 

The purpose of this Procedure is to set conditions and guidelines for the submission, review and resolution of customer complaints against Electricity Market Participants in the electricity sector and dispute settlement between licensees

PENDING - Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulation (ESQCR)

The objective of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulation (ESQCR) is to provide the economic incentive primarily for the transmission and distribution network operators to reduce and/or control the cost of service, while keeping the satisfactory level of the quality of electricity supply.

Customer Guidelines for Auto-producers and co-generators (up to 100kW)

These guidelines are intended to cover the installation of Auto producers (i.e. licensed to generate power to meet their own electricity requirements). This guideline does not cover engine-driven generators. 

PENDING - Procedures for Electricity Generation License Applications

This document sets out the process for obtaining a licence for the performance of an electricity market activity of generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity.

 Procedures for Registration (Independent Power Producer over 100KW)

This document sets out the process for obtaining a registration certificate for the construction of new generating capacities, new systems for transmission and distribution of electricity. 

PENDING - Procedures on Administrative Measures and Fines

This Procedure sets forth supervision of licensed activities in the electricity sector as well as rendering of administrative measures and fines, in case of violation of the same.

PENDING - Procedures for Fees in the electricity sector

The purpose of this Procedure is to define categories and the amount of the fees set out under Section 96 Sub section 2 c of the Energy Act, 2012, in order to collect revenues for the performance of the regulatory tasks in the electricity sector.  

PENDING - Procedures for Registration certification & Licensing process

This flow chart show the process for Registration, Certification and Licensing for electricity related activities.

PENDING – Grid Code

It specifies the requirements for generator connections for renewable energy based generators to the electrical supply system operated by Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) on the Seychelles Islands.







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