Electricity Licensing

This section deals with electricity licenses for generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity in Seychelles. A person shall not carry out any electricity related activity without a license as prescribed by regulations. The flow chat summarises the process for applying for a registration certificate and license.



Before a person can apply for a license to carry out an electricity related activity, they need to first apply for a Registration Certificate to the Seychelles Energy Commission (weblink to rules and regulation section) The Registration Certificate is processed within 30 days and once issued, allows the recipient to apply for a construction permit from the Town and Country Planning Authority for the construction of the generation, co-generation, auto production, transmission or distribution facility. The Planning Authority shall consult the Commission prior to considering the application for the granting or refusal of the Construction permit. Once the construction is completed, the proponent needs to apply for a license to commence operation of the facility. License application shall be made to the Board of the Commission and the Board has 90 days to communicate its decision regarding the license application.


The energy commission is in the process of drafting procedures related to licensing. Below is the list of draft procedures and forms relating to registration certificate and licenses:

  • Procedures for Registration Certificate for new Generating Capacities, Transmission and Distribution
  • Procedures for Applying for a Licence
  • Customer Guidelines for Grid Connection of Auto producers Of up to 100kW



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