Fosil Fuels

In Seychelles, almost all electricity (about 97% in 2013) is generated from fuel oil and gas oil with diesel engines. In 2013, the PUC installed capacity on Mahé was 69.5 MW, and on Praslin 13.8 MW. For the island of La Digue, electricity is supplied from Praslin via a submarine cable whereas for other islands managed by the Island Development Corporation (IDC) or the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF), smaller diesel generators running on gas oil are used. There are also several large hotels that are not connected to the national grid hence have their own generation based on diesel generators. For more information on energy supply and demand in Seychelles, please refer to the Seychelles Energy Reports

Public Utilities Company (PUC) POWER STATIONS

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) is a parastatal organisation formed in 1986 by the merger of the Seychelles Water Authority and Seychelles Electricity Corporation Limited. PUC is one of the leading organizations in Seychelles, providing electricity, water and sewerage services to customers on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

In 2013, PUC generated a total of 356 GWh or millions of kWh from its 3 power stations, namely the Newport Power Station on Mahé, the Roche Caiman Power Station on Mahé and the Baie Ste Anne Power Station on Praslin. 


Auto producers with DIESEL GENERATORS

As per Energy Act 2012, auto-producers are licensees carrying out electricity generation to meet its electricity requirements. Diesel generators based auto-producers are mostly off-grid systems. These include the island Development Company (IDC), outer island resorts and large 5-stars hotels on the main islands of Seychelles. Data on their individual production of electricity is currently not available, but the table below attempts to list them by the importance of their production. It is roughly estimated that the auto-producers produced a total of 74.96 GWh in 2010, based on their total fuel consumption.


Table showing the list of 2010 auto-producers (List in order of decreasing production capacity)

 Auto-producers of Electricity  Economic Activity
 1. Prawn Farm and Processing Factory, Coetivy  Industry
 2. Constance Lémuria Resort, Praslin  5-Star Hotel
 3. Fregate Island Resort Ltd, Fregate   Hotel on a private island
 4. Island Development Company (IDC)    State owned parastatal
 5. North Island Development Ltd  Private Hotel
 6. Banyan Tree Resorts (Sey) Ltd.  5-Star Hotel
 7. Ste Anne Resort Ltd.   Hotel on Ste Anne island
 8. Denis Island (hotel)  Hotel on a private island
9. D'Arros Development Co. Ltd Private organization on D’Arros island
10. INT-LSIR Labriz Silhouette Resort 5-Star Hotel on the Silhouette island
11. Cousine Island Private island for residential use
12. Gondwana Granite Granite Industry on Mahe