About Us

The Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) is a statutory body established by the Seychelles Energy Commission Act of 2009, which was replaced the Energy Act in 2012. The object of the Commission is to regulate electricity related activities for adequate, reliable, cost effective and affordable electricity while protecting and conserving the environment. The Commission regulates the generation, transmission, distribution, supply and use of electricity. In addition, the Commission promotes the use of energy efficient technologies and renewable resources.  

The Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) consists of a Board (Seychelles Energy Board) and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appointed by the President of Seychelles. In making the appointments, the President takes into consideration the knowledge, expertise and experience of the persons so appointed and in particular, their knowledge in matters relevant to the functions of the Seychelles Energy Commission.

The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) and is required to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Commission. The CEO provides strategic and organizational leadership to build the Commission into an outstanding t State Agency to regulate the electricity sector and promote the widespread use and adoption of renewable energy to ensure the provision of adequate, reliable, cost effective and affordable energy.